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Dr. Vladimir Grigoryants -- Cosmetic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon.


Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon Dr. Vladimir Grigoryants is board certified by the America Board of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Grigoryants offers advanced plastic surgery procedures to improve the shape of the body and face. Patient safety and producing excellent results is Dr Grigoryants' primary goal. To maximize safety of plastic surgery, he performs most of his surgeries at hospitals as well as accredited surgical centers.  His busy plastic surgery practice is based on the  numerous referrals from his patients.  Men and women come to Dr. Grigoryants for plastic surgery from different parts of the United States and other countries. His work can be viewed on this website in the photo gallery section. Dr. Grigoryants specializes in rhinoplasty to reshape the nose and improve airway patency. Dr Grigoryants also performs advanced face, breast , and body contouring procedures.

During your consultation, Dr Grigoryants will evaluate your concerns and goals. He will then discuss potential treatment options making sure that you are fully informed before making a decision. Your consultation will be conducted in a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Dr. Grigoryants applies up-to-date medical knowledge and technology to make your recovery as pleasant and fast as possible. You will be able to contact the doctor directly with any questions or concerns following your procedure.


Dr Grigoryants performs both closed and open rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty is the most difficult procedure in plastic surgery. Having performed numerous rhinoplasty procedures, Dr Grigoryants improved closed rhinoplasty techniques to proceduce better and more consistent results. Some of his closed rhinoplasty techniques were published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal (Jan 2013). Surgeon's high rhinoplasty volume is very important to consistently achieve good results. Dr. Grigoryants prefers to perform nose reshaping surgery using an endonasal rhinoplasty technique (also known as closed rhinoplasty). In this procedure incisions are placed inside the nose. Therefore, no scars will be present across the bottom portion of the nose. Dr Grigoryants pay close attention to the function of the nose and opens airways in when nasal aiway obstruction is present due to septal and/or turbinate hypertropy. Patients come to Dr. Grigoryants for rhinoplasty from other parts of the Unites States as well as from other countries.

For a successful outcome, a patient must have realistic expectation and the surgeon must carefully explain what can and cannot be achieved with rhinoplasty. Dr. Grigoryants will have a very detailed discussion with you evaluating your goals and describing the procedure and potential outcomes. Not every person presenting for rhinoplasty should be offered surgery. Individuals with unrealistic expectations, with already well shaped noses, or those with significantly scarred noses from previous multiple surgeries are not likely to have a good outcome. In our experience, closed rhinoplasty has allowed to reshape all parts of the nose as well as open nasal airways (including treating deviated septum, enlarged turbinates, and repair the nasal valve) . Our results with closed rhinoplasty have been consistent and predictable with a low revision rate and a very high patient satisfaction rate. Dr. Grigoryants performs open rhinoplasty in some more complicated revision cases with significant scarring. Although the open rhinoplasty scar heals well in many patients, we frequently see patients who present to us for revisions after undergoing open rhinoplasty elsewhere with poorly healed / visible scars. Patients frequent complaints include scar notching and columella skin thickening in front of the scar. This type of problem is more commonly encountered in patients with thicker nasal skin or ethnic rhinoplasty patients.

Same rhinoplasty techniques cannot be applied to every patient. Nose size, width, skin thickness, bone and cartilage thickness, stength of nasal muscles will affect the result and healing. It requires the rhinoplasty surgeon to have performed rhinoplasty on these different types of noses to know how each nose will reshape and heal long term.

This patient underwent nose reshaping to narrow the tip, raise the tip, and narrow bone width.

Dr Grigoryants rhinoplasty Dr Vladimir Grigoryants rhinoplasty

The dorsal hump was reduced and projection of the nose decreased.

Functional Rhinoplasty

Many patients present to us complaining of nasal airway obstruction. Common findings in these patients are a deviated septum, enlarged turbinates, and narrow internal nasal valve. Nose surgery in these patients is also performed using closed rhinoplasty techniques. The enlarged turbinates are reduced using the submucosal resection or submucosal cauterization technique. Aggressive reduction is avoided to prevent the empty nose syndrom (chronic nasal dryness and inability to feel air flow). Deviated septum is straightened and the nasal valve is repaired using spreader grafts. The spreader grafts are strips of cartilage taken from the septum. Functional rhinoplasty is performed alone or at the same time with cosmetic rhinoplasty.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Dr. Grigoryants specializes in ethnic rhinoplasty as many of his patients are various ethnic descents such as Iranian, Armenian, Jewish, Pakistani, Indian, Afgan, Arabic etc. Special factors have to be considered in ethnic rhinoplasty. Many patients have thick nasal tip skin and surgical techniques have to be modified in order to be able to produce better tip refinement. Some patients prefer to preserve ethnic features and conservative nasal reshaping would be indicated in these patients.

Tummy Tuck

Dr. Grigoryants performs lipoabdominoplasty for most tummy tuck patients. This newer procedure offer superior result to the conventional tummy tuck. Lipoabdominoplasty produces a flatter abdominal contour. Our current techiques allow for faster recovery, sooner removal of drains, and have higher safety as compared to the conventional tummy tuck techniques.

tummy tuck Dr Grigoryants


Other commonly performed procedures by Dr. Grigoryants include breast augmentation using silicone and saline breast implants, breast reduction and lift, and facial plastic surgery.

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Recent Dr. Grigoryants Reviews

Dr. Grigoryants

I had rhinoplasty and breast augmentation surgery with you back on December 29, 2015. I meant to do a 4 month follow-up but never got around to it. I am now 15 months post-op and I am extremely pleased with my results. I loved my nose the moment the cast came off and have loved it throughout this entire process. I just wanted to update you with pictures so you can see the progress. This has been a very good experience for me and has dramatically increased my self esteem and confidence. I know rhinoplasty is a difficult procedure and I feel blessed that I found a very capable surgeon who did an excellent job. I wanted to thank you for making this a good experience instead of a traumatic one.

Thank you,

EH  3.18.2017

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Dr. Vladimir Grigoryants, M.D.- Plastic Surgeon Los Angeles
Dr. Grigoryants is a board certified plastic surgeon specializing in cosmetic plastic surgery of the body and face.
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